If after

If after Do not shame the child, from it he will only consider that all betrayed him and will become even more aggressive.

If after years your child is too aggressive if he did not learn to reckon with collective, means it is necessary to understand attentively his life in a family.

The children's psychiatrist can give effective help in early age see section .

If your twoyearold child does not want to leave the property, he behaves normally for the age.

It gradually will become kind when learns to love other people.

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Aged from

Aged from Kindergarten.

Aged from till years the best way out good kindergarten with skilled teachers see section .

If there is an opportunity to define the child in good kindergarten from years provided that the part of day and if the child is already rather independent can see off mother with it, it can be sent to kindergarten and from years, especially if mother did not manage to find the suitable person for care of the child or it is deprived of society of children.

But, if the child is shy and dependent, it is better to define him in kindergarten not earlier , or even years.

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But, if time

But, if time You can expect that in some feedings it will not exhaust the bottle up to the end.

If in the first weeks the child wakes up and demands additional feedings, you can prepare the following dairy mix a bit earlier.

But, if time does not suit you, you can prepare dairy mix twice a day that it was always ready to any feeding.

Over time you can expect that the number of daily feedings will gradually be reduced; you can increase both a usual portion of the child, and daily norm of milk.

Watching how the child changes, you will be able to define when to increase a portion of milk in each feeding and to reduce number of feedings.

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Let the kid will

Let the kid will Buy the child multicolored cubes no more than six pieces and show how it is possible to play with them.

Let the kid will see how it is possible to put one cube on another and to construct a tower, and then to destroy it.

Help the child, operate his hands and gradually complicate games, for example tell: At first give me a red cube, no, it is yellow, and red this.

Now the green.

Where the green?


Play with cubes of different size: Give me a big cube, small, now again big etc.

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Masha extinguished, condoled

Masha extinguished, condoled You will heat an oven, you will cook porridge, to feed me with porridge.

Masha extinguished, condoled and there's nothing to be done.

She began to live at a bear in an izba.

The bear for the whole day will go to the wood, and Mashenke punishes without it not to leave an izba anywhere, And if you leave speaks all the same I will catch and then I will eat!

Mashenka began to think how to her to escape from a bear.

Around the wood, to what party to go does not know, to ask there is nobody.

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