Tests which

Tests which To carry out this and other tests with the child it is possible only when he is in a quiet state when it is full and him disturbs nothing.

Tests which are given below, should be used only for check, but not for frequent repeated training, as the visual device of the child still the insufficiently mature.

Test For check of fixing it is necessary to use bright, painted in light tone best of all yellow and green colors a rattle with a diameter of centimeters or the ball suspended on a lace.

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Now I want

Now I want Especially it is difficult when both mother, and the father work.

Many parents have already no energy, patience and desire to do everything that is required.

Therefore when something is missed, family life appears it something almost always.

Its quality decreases.

Now I want to tell the word about families, where only one parent.

Some people are convinced that only mother or only the father is simply not able to bring up the child correctly.

And so, I had to deal with a large number of cases when children in an incomplete family received love and education where both tenderness, and severity were fully combined.

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It you will

It you will If it is necessary, clean that he tries to take, contrary to your prohibition, or take away it from the room.

Thus you is tactful, but firmly let to it know: you are absolutely convinced that with this subject it is impossible to play.

Do not resort to disputes, ultimatums, terrible views and do not become angry.

It you will hardly achieve the objectives and will only strengthen obstinacy of the child.

You can tell: But he will never understand that it is possible to do, and that it is impossible if I do not teach it.

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Not so long

Not so long All told first of all treats punishments with use of force, to corporal punishments.

Aggression of parents, aspiration by all means to insist on the even if also by force, can cause very heavy consequences.

Not so long ago to me mother of the fourteenyearold boy handled a typical problem: refuses to go to school.

The boy very nice, reasonable, laconic, well developed intellectually, read was obviously suppressed and looked for the help.

He explained to me: at school at it everything is safe, to it are located and it has no difficulties with study.

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Progressive Studying of juvenile criminals showed that the prevailing majority them suffered in the childhood from a lack of love, but not from a lack of punishments.

These and many other opening promoted decrease in degree of severity in education of children and to aspiration to develop their identity.

Progressive American pediatricians started introducing the similar principles in practice of care of newborns.

However, till th years of our century doctors did not allow liberties in the mode of feeding of newborns, being afraid that lack of a regularity in food and in number of food can cause strong gastric frustration which happened the reason of child mortality earlier.

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