Timely identification, apparently, unimportant

Timely identification, apparently, unimportant Therefore efficiency of treatment of subjects is higher, than the age of the child by the time of its beginning is less.

Timely identification, apparently, unimportant deviations from age norm the main condition of full development of the child.

This book will allow you to take measures for prevention of such sad vital scenario as her author is the practicing neurologist specializing in area of early identification and elimination of deviations in development, the candidate of medical sciences with more than sixty scientific publications in time.

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Power of love

Power of love For the teenager quite naturally to doubt you and your actions.

If you only limit it and force to follow implicitly the instructions, you will lose it.

Years of awkward age of the child serious test for parents but if your behavior is based on love and spirituality, you will be able to endure this period without serious consequences.

Power of love When we with Pat lived in California, I met one person who told me that they with the wife there agnostics.

They did not believe that someone can know about God and his great love.

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And if you do not know

And if you do not know They know us and life is much better, than we imagine.

Nevertheless all of them still study life and look for the ways.

Without being thawed, answer their questions.

Listen to them and are respectful to their opinion.

And if you do not know everything or doubt, simply tell: Let's try find the answer together.

Let your child ask questions, doubts and looks for answers.

It is necessary for it to become more independent.

After all in some years he will become a parent.

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The Kid cleaned

The Kid cleaned Similar work with other pictures.

The Kid cleaned ware in a locker, creaked a door: sss statement of a sound on imitation, at difficulty with the mechanical help.

The Kid on the small river went, and we will go together with them.

He looked in water, and small fishes float there.

Show it small fishes who float to the right.

And now that float attracted in.

The kid wants to feed small fishes, pours to crumb water: with withwith statement of a sound on imitation, at difficulty with mechanical help.

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And on shelves

And on shelves On the other hand, your own control of development of the child will relieve it of the unnecessary treatment connected with hyper diagnostics to which the domestic medicine is inclined.

And on shelves of bookstores you will find the mass of councils for games, exercises and training of the child in the Internet, and also on acquisition of toys.

All of them, according to psychologists and teachers, are extremely necessary for the child.

However for storage of all these necessary toys also the whole room can not be enough, and for occupations and games will not be enough not only your time, but also time of wakefulness of the child.

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