Medical researches

Medical researches But anyway it is only one party of a medal.

Medical researches showed and wise women knew it always that hostile feelings which are absolutely normal and natural, especially at the first pregnancy also are connected with pregnancy.

In a certain degree the first pregnancy means the end of carefree youth.

The woman understands that after the birth of the child of her entertainment will be very limited.

She will not be able to leave and come back home any more when to it likes.

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At the same

At the same .

Test game At emergence in sight of the child bright and the more so new toy it is possible to observe the movements of both hands in the direction of this toy with attempt to touch it and to take.

Hvatatelny function is so shown.

Test game exercise Give the chance to the child to make as much as possible the feeling movements by hands.

At the same time the child has to see a subject which he feels.

For this purpose enclose a subject in the child's hand and draw its visual attention to this subject.

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Your task

Your task In the course of transition from a pacifier to a cup progress and failures are possible.

If the child badly feels because of growth of teeth or because of cold, it will temporarily return to a sosaniye.

Your task to satisfy needs of the child.

When he feels better, he again will want to learn to drink from a cup.

If the child refuses to drink from a cup.

You gave to drink to him from a cup from months every day.

It did drinks, but here in months instead of absolutely passing to a cup, he, on the contrary, refuses flatly to drink from it.

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Whether the child

Whether the child Whether the child is sick!

When we face bad behavior of the child, the following question which we have to set to ourselves: Whether There are no physical reasons causing such behavior?

The less child, the more his behavior is influenced by the physical reasons.

Perhaps, my child is hungry?

Was tired?

It is tired?

It is sick?

It is chilled?

Simply badly feels?

Something hurts it?

Troubles at school?

Quarreled with the friend?

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Some mothers

Some mothers When mother works To work or not to work?

The happy people bringing benefit to society the most great value of any country, and good maternal care of the child in the early childhood the most certain way of education of such members of society.

Some mothers who especially have professional education feel requirement to work and cannot be happy without favourite business.

If this feeling is very strong and if mother can provide ideal care of the child, I would not begin to argue with her.

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