Some mothers

Some mothers When mother works To work or not to work?

The happy people bringing benefit to society the most great value of any country, and good maternal care of the child in the early childhood the most certain way of education of such members of society.

Some mothers who especially have professional education feel requirement to work and cannot be happy without favourite business.

If this feeling is very strong and if mother can provide ideal care of the child, I would not begin to argue with her.

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From the financial

From the financial They object to increase in the budget at education which can be used for salary increase of teachers, for reduction of number of pupils in one class, creations of school laboratories and workshops, for the outofschool program.

Without understanding the value of such actions, many consider them as an excess, entertainment, means to provide teachers with work.

From the financial point of view such relation means economy in trifles and wastefulness in the large.

The money which is reasonably spent for care of children a hundredfold comes back to society.

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It also generates

It also generates Therefore, the children's depression has an adverse effect on ability of the child to concentrate, remember and think or argue clearly.

It also generates intensive anger which is expressed through passive and aggressive installations and behavior.

The teenage depression usually happens deep, and the child thus experiences a number of difficulties.

Fortunately, the medicine far promoted in identification and treatment of a depression at children and teenagers.

Like many other doctors, I appoint to such children two types of medical preparations.

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If your

If your And the more long this cycle lasts, the risk is more that the teenager, trying to finish melancholy and loneliness, will commit suicide.

If your acquaintance is in the suppressed mood, so it simply needs the friend who would amuse him, interested, distracted.

It needs your attention, after all the love drama or a failure in study are still very fresh in his memory.

And here if it starts showing also the warning suicide signs, so it needs something bigger, than friendly guardianship.

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To reveal

To reveal Problems of most of children with frustration of perception can be minimized if to reveal them early enough.

James and Ric was lucky because their parents paid attention to their problems in time.

To reveal in time means before achievement of teenage age by the child.

If frustration do not treat and the child enters with it the teenage period, he usually meets much more serious difficulties, than lag in study is simple.

He often experiments drugs, sex, theft, runs away from the house and can even make suicide attempt.

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The death

The death If your quite sociable friend it becomes unexpected, unclear for what reason closed and unsociable, refuses to meet contemporaries, so he could have thoughts of death.

Heavy loss.

The death of relatives can push to thoughts of suicide of teenagers: parents or brothers and sisters.

After such loss life of the teenager changes most decisively, now to him it is necessary not only to reconcile with loss of darling, but also to close up a gap which this loss did in his life.

Some teenagers cannot imagine at all as they will live further without father or mother, the brother or the sister.

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