It really

It really At what age to send the child to kindergarten.

The majority of kindergartens accepts children from years.

It really the best age if the child ripened for kindergarten are those skills which impart there: to draw, read verses, etc.

I heard how one mother spoke: I think to send it to kindergarten not earlier than years that he bigger learned there.

It is a mistake.

Skills are an insignificant part of that advantage which gives good kindergarten.

In kindergarten children learn to love collective, to work together, to make plans and to carry out them.

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Discrepancy Emotional instability, sharp change of mood, an inadequate and unstable selfassessment, passionate desire to be and seem to adults, sincere vulnerability and inability to formulate the problems here not the full list of the properties of the teenager preventing to it to improve the harmonious relations with the world and by itself.

Discrepancy and intensity of internal life of the teenager is reflected in his behavior.

It becomes difficult to get on with it, sometimes there is a feeling: hardly the child is twelvethirteen years old, in the house as if there would be other person.

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Then they

Then they Julia's mother to have opportunity more often to meet with the friend, asked it to bring the friend and for the daughter.

It, of course, extremes, but, nevertheless, similar forms of relationship with teenagers not rarity.

For example, often parents complain to the teenager how they are lonely, unfortunate, suppressed as unfairly treat them.

Then they cease to carry out the role because parents have to satisfy psychological needs of the child or teenager, and not vice versa.

And if there is a change of roles, it does only harm, disturbing natural development of the teenager.

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Making observations

Making observations Herron.

Making observations within two decades, it revealed the following: children who watch TV more, resort to aggression more often, and the more they watch TV, the probability is higher that they will become the aggressive adults capable to commit a crime.

When the age of the people participating in its researches came nearer to thirty, doctor Herron visited them again and found out that the data obtained by it earlier were confirmed Certainly, the problem is difficult and it cannot be written off for quantity of telecasts which are watched by the child entirely.

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Therefore Kolobok.

Our purpose the gradual translation of the child from understanding of properties of subjects to their verbal designation.

The nervous system of the kid is still not really stable, he is quickly excited and cannot long calm down.

Therefore it is better to hold outdoor games at the end of occupation.

Being engaged with the child, sensitively listen to his mood never insist on game continuation if the kid was tired, not in mood or if game is not pleasant to it.

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As we already

As we already To behave the passive it is aggressive.

We need to behave so that not to do harm to anybody.

As we already discussed earlier, the passive and aggressive behavior is the worst way to express the irritation.

To lose control and to start everything destroying or to swear on somebody badly, but nevertheless it is better, than to behave passive aggressively as to cope with such state easier and easier to prevent it.

One more way to express the anger a rage attack.

You will swear and shout, that is will direct the irritation not on its source, and on the one who incidentally appeared nearby.

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