Through Before the sociable kid starts pushing away even close relatives, trusting only in mother's hands.

Through such attitude towards surrounding people there pass almost all children, this behavior is normal and quickly enough passes.

Reaction of fear to stranger is soon replaced by cognitive interest and desire to communicate with it.

If the fear of strangers does not pass and it is noted at contact with each stranger, it is necessary to warn adults, including grandmothers and grandfathers that they at a meeting with the child behaved frostily and did not snatch on it in rough delight.

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In this

In this Sometimes one of twins completely depends on another in performance of homeworks.

In this case it is more reasonable to separate them.

But it is silly and cruel to separate twins if in it there is no need if it becomes as manifestation of the despotic power of parents.

If you love one of twins more than another.

Conscientious parents excessively worry if a little more attention, than to another or if it is served always the first is paid to one of children for example because it is less more weakly or for other reason.

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Let's say you also

Let's say you also For example, your teenager wants to go to a party, but you, having checked everything, consider that he should not go there.

Let's say you succeeded in maintenance of emotional balance of your teenager and were always open for conversation with it.

Let's assume, you leaned on the confidential relations, establishing for it borders of the legal.

Let's say you also resorted to a tightening with the answer, but the problem is not resolved.

You feel that have to say no, but you understand that your teenager will not be able simply to accept it.

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The child

The child He will become same, but at it it will take the form of passive aggression.

The child will stop being gentle, obedient and benevolent, will not obey, will begin to do everything in defiance, it is bad to study, and can come further away.

SILENCE AND SELFELIMINATION Silence and selfelimination inadmissible ways of expression of anger.

They can do special harm to matrimonial relationship if with their help hide anger.

We can resort to silence and selfelimination if we do not want to admit to ourselves that are angered and also that to leave from a situation, from need directly and structurally to discuss it with other person.

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