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Do not shame the child, from it he will only consider that all betrayed him and will become even more aggressive.If after years your child is too aggressive if he did not learn to reckon with collective, means it is necessary to understand attentively his life in a family.The children's psychiatrist can give effective help in early age see section .If your twoyearold child does not want to leave the property, he behaves normally for the age.It gradually will become kind when learns to love other people.

Aged from

Kindergarten.Aged from till years the best way out good kindergarten with skilled teachers see section .If there is an opportunity to define the child in good kindergarten from years provided that the part of day and if the child is already rather independent can see off mother with it, it can be sent to kindergarten and from years, especially if mother did not manage to find the suitable person for care of the child or it is deprived of society of children.But, if the child is shy and dependent, it is better to define him in kindergarten not earlier , or even years.

But, if time

You can expect that in some feedings it will not exhaust the bottle up to the end.If in the first weeks the child wakes up and demands additional feedings, you can prepare the following dairy mix a bit earlier.But, if time does not suit you, you can prepare dairy mix twice a day that it was always ready to any feeding.Over time you can expect that the number of daily feedings will gradually be reduced; you can increase both a usual portion of the child, and daily norm of milk.Watching how the child changes, you will be able to define when to increase a portion of milk in each feeding and to reduce number of feedings.

Let the kid will

Buy the child multicolored cubes no more than six pieces and show how it is possible to play with them.Let the kid will see how it is possible to put one cube on another and to construct a tower, and then to destroy it.Help the child, operate his hands and gradually complicate games, for example tell: At first give me a red cube, no, it is yellow, and red this.Now the green.Where the green?etc.Play with cubes of different size: Give me a big cube, small, now again big etc.

Masha extinguished, condoled

You will heat an oven, you will cook porridge, to feed me with porridge.Masha extinguished, condoled and there's nothing to be done.She began to live at a bear in an izba.The bear for the whole day will go to the wood, and Mashenke punishes without it not to leave an izba anywhere, And if you leave speaks all the same I will catch and then I will eat!Mashenka began to think how to her to escape from a bear.Around the wood, to what party to go does not know, to ask there is nobody.

Tests which

To carry out this and other tests with the child it is possible only when he is in a quiet state when it is full and him disturbs nothing.Tests which are given below, should be used only for check, but not for frequent repeated training, as the visual device of the child still the insufficiently mature.Test For check of fixing it is necessary to use bright, painted in light tone best of all yellow and green colors a rattle with a diameter of centimeters or the ball suspended on a lace.

Now I want

Especially it is difficult when both mother, and the father work.Many parents have already no energy, patience and desire to do everything that is required.Therefore when something is missed, family life appears it something almost always.Its quality decreases.Now I want to tell the word about families, where only one parent.Some people are convinced that only mother or only the father is simply not able to bring up the child correctly.And so, I had to deal with a large number of cases when children in an incomplete family received love and education where both tenderness, and severity were fully combined.

It you will

If it is necessary, clean that he tries to take, contrary to your prohibition, or take away it from the room.Thus you is tactful, but firmly let to it know: you are absolutely convinced that with this subject it is impossible to play.Do not resort to disputes, ultimatums, terrible views and do not become angry.It you will hardly achieve the objectives and will only strengthen obstinacy of the child.You can tell: But he will never understand that it is possible to do, and that it is impossible if I do not teach it.

Not so long

All told first of all treats punishments with use of force, to corporal punishments.Aggression of parents, aspiration by all means to insist on the even if also by force, can cause very heavy consequences.Not so long ago to me mother of the fourteenyearold boy handled a typical problem: refuses to go to school.The boy very nice, reasonable, laconic, well developed intellectually, read was obviously suppressed and looked for the help.He explained to me: at school at it everything is safe, to it are located and it has no difficulties with study.


Studying of juvenile criminals showed that the prevailing majority them suffered in the childhood from a lack of love, but not from a lack of punishments.These and many other opening promoted decrease in degree of severity in education of children and to aspiration to develop their identity.Progressive American pediatricians started introducing the similar principles in practice of care of newborns.However, till th years of our century doctors did not allow liberties in the mode of feeding of newborns, being afraid that lack of a regularity in food and in number of food can cause strong gastric frustration which happened the reason of child mortality earlier.

Timely identification, apparently, unimportant

Therefore efficiency of treatment of subjects is higher, than the age of the child by the time of its beginning is less.Timely identification, apparently, unimportant deviations from age norm the main condition of full development of the child.This book will allow you to take measures for prevention of such sad vital scenario as her author is the practicing neurologist specializing in area of early identification and elimination of deviations in development, the candidate of medical sciences with more than sixty scientific publications in time.

Power of love

For the teenager quite naturally to doubt you and your actions.If you only limit it and force to follow implicitly the instructions, you will lose it.Years of awkward age of the child serious test for parents but if your behavior is based on love and spirituality, you will be able to endure this period without serious consequences.Power of love When we with Pat lived in California, I met one person who told me that they with the wife there agnostics.They did not believe that someone can know about God and his great love.

And if you do not know

They know us and life is much better, than we imagine.Nevertheless all of them still study life and look for the ways.Without being thawed, answer their questions.Listen to them and are respectful to their opinion.And if you do not know everything or doubt, simply tell: Let's try find the answer together.Let your child ask questions, doubts and looks for answers.It is necessary for it to become more independent.After all in some years he will become a parent.

The Kid cleaned

Similar work with other pictures.The Kid cleaned ware in a locker, creaked a door: sss statement of a sound on imitation, at difficulty with the mechanical help.The Kid on the small river went, and we will go together with them.He looked in water, and small fishes float there.Show it small fishes who float to the right.And now that float attracted in.The kid wants to feed small fishes, pours to crumb water: with withwith statement of a sound on imitation, at difficulty with mechanical help.

And on shelves

On the other hand, your own control of development of the child will relieve it of the unnecessary treatment connected with hyper diagnostics to which the domestic medicine is inclined.And on shelves of bookstores you will find the mass of councils for games, exercises and training of the child in the Internet, and also on acquisition of toys.All of them, according to psychologists and teachers, are extremely necessary for the child.However for storage of all these necessary toys also the whole room can not be enough, and for occupations and games will not be enough not only your time, but also time of wakefulness of the child.

The gut can fall

In most cases the gut comes back to a place when the child lies quietly.The gut can fall to the pakhovy canal every time when the child gets up, but it can occur only occasionally at a big tension.Sometimes inguinal hernia is restrained, i.e.the part of a gut gets stuck in the channel, and the blood vessels feeding a gut are squeezed.Thus impassability and an obeskrovlivaniye of a site of a gut that causes bellyaches and vomiting is created.

This vaccination

In this case the additional antitetanic inoculation is required and therefore the attending physician needs to know, whether did to the child this inoculation earlier.Diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus.Usually inoculations against these three diseases become.This vaccination has to be done as soon as possible, it is desirable in a month after the birth.The inoculation becomes in three stages with an interval in one month and every time serums from these three diseases are entered at the same time.

I used the professional

The problem is not in the anger, and how to operate it.Here in what most of people experiences difficulties.I am sure that it is necessary to know what ways to cope with anger and what of them the best are.PASSIVE AND AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR Let's begin with passive and aggressive behavior.I consider it as the worst way of manifestation of anger.I used the professional term which you need to enter into the lexicon.Passive and aggressive expression of anger contrary to honest, direct and verbal comes back to owner.


Accurately distinguishes on appearance of the adult who is looking after it, mother from other adults, recognizes her, rejoices to her emergence see in the description of the stage months.In a condition of wakefulness the child is active and is constant than that is occupied: considers and is enough a toy, watches the surrounding.Understanding of the speech.The most part of children at this age well distinguish an intonatsiyugolos and on a miscellaneous react.If with the child speak gently, he smiles and quickens.

But it occurred

I asked.About or years ago Mrs.Batten answered.But it occurred so gradually.Until recently we did not attach it serious significance.I want to understand.Now to it fifteen.When it finished the first academic year in the senior classes, we noticed that it became indifferent, and first of all to school.Its marks left much to be desired.The teacher complained that she goes woolgathering, does not work at lessons.She was very concerned by Debbie's behavior.

Medical researches

But anyway it is only one party of a medal.Medical researches showed and wise women knew it always that hostile feelings which are absolutely normal and natural, especially at the first pregnancy also are connected with pregnancy.In a certain degree the first pregnancy means the end of carefree youth.The woman understands that after the birth of the child of her entertainment will be very limited.She will not be able to leave and come back home any more when to it likes.

At the same

.Test game At emergence in sight of the child bright and the more so new toy it is possible to observe the movements of both hands in the direction of this toy with attempt to touch it and to take.Hvatatelny function is so shown.Test game exercise Give the chance to the child to make as much as possible the feeling movements by hands.At the same time the child has to see a subject which he feels.For this purpose enclose a subject in the child's hand and draw its visual attention to this subject.

Your task

In the course of transition from a pacifier to a cup progress and failures are possible.If the child badly feels because of growth of teeth or because of cold, it will temporarily return to a sosaniye.Your task to satisfy needs of the child.When he feels better, he again will want to learn to drink from a cup.If the child refuses to drink from a cup.You gave to drink to him from a cup from months every day.It did drinks, but here in months instead of absolutely passing to a cup, he, on the contrary, refuses flatly to drink from it.

Whether the child

Whether the child is sick!When we face bad behavior of the child, the following question which we have to set to ourselves: Whether There are no physical reasons causing such behavior?The less child, the more his behavior is influenced by the physical reasons.Perhaps, my child is hungry?Was tired?It is tired?It is sick?It is chilled?Simply badly feels?Something hurts it?Troubles at school?Quarreled with the friend?

Some mothers

When mother works To work or not to work?The happy people bringing benefit to society the most great value of any country, and good maternal care of the child in the early childhood the most certain way of education of such members of society.Some mothers who especially have professional education feel requirement to work and cannot be happy without favourite business.If this feeling is very strong and if mother can provide ideal care of the child, I would not begin to argue with her.

From the financial

They object to increase in the budget at education which can be used for salary increase of teachers, for reduction of number of pupils in one class, creations of school laboratories and workshops, for the outofschool program.Without understanding the value of such actions, many consider them as an excess, entertainment, means to provide teachers with work.From the financial point of view such relation means economy in trifles and wastefulness in the large.The money which is reasonably spent for care of children a hundredfold comes back to society.

It also generates

Therefore, the children's depression has an adverse effect on ability of the child to concentrate, remember and think or argue clearly.It also generates intensive anger which is expressed through passive and aggressive installations and behavior.The teenage depression usually happens deep, and the child thus experiences a number of difficulties.Fortunately, the medicine far promoted in identification and treatment of a depression at children and teenagers.Like many other doctors, I appoint to such children two types of medical preparations.

If your

And the more long this cycle lasts, the risk is more that the teenager, trying to finish melancholy and loneliness, will commit suicide.If your acquaintance is in the suppressed mood, so it simply needs the friend who would amuse him, interested, distracted.It needs your attention, after all the love drama or a failure in study are still very fresh in his memory.And here if it starts showing also the warning suicide signs, so it needs something bigger, than friendly guardianship.

To reveal

Problems of most of children with frustration of perception can be minimized if to reveal them early enough.James and Ric was lucky because their parents paid attention to their problems in time.To reveal in time means before achievement of teenage age by the child.If frustration do not treat and the child enters with it the teenage period, he usually meets much more serious difficulties, than lag in study is simple.He often experiments drugs, sex, theft, runs away from the house and can even make suicide attempt.

The death

If your quite sociable friend it becomes unexpected, unclear for what reason closed and unsociable, refuses to meet contemporaries, so he could have thoughts of death.Heavy loss.The death of relatives can push to thoughts of suicide of teenagers: parents or brothers and sisters.After such loss life of the teenager changes most decisively, now to him it is necessary not only to reconcile with loss of darling, but also to close up a gap which this loss did in his life.Some teenagers cannot imagine at all as they will live further without father or mother, the brother or the sister.

It really

At what age to send the child to kindergarten.The majority of kindergartens accepts children from years.It really the best age if the child ripened for kindergarten are those skills which impart there: to draw, read verses, etc.I heard how one mother spoke: I think to send it to kindergarten not earlier than years that he bigger learned there.It is a mistake.Skills are an insignificant part of that advantage which gives good kindergarten.In kindergarten children learn to love collective, to work together, to make plans and to carry out them.


Emotional instability, sharp change of mood, an inadequate and unstable selfassessment, passionate desire to be and seem to adults, sincere vulnerability and inability to formulate the problems here not the full list of the properties of the teenager preventing to it to improve the harmonious relations with the world and by itself.Discrepancy and intensity of internal life of the teenager is reflected in his behavior.It becomes difficult to get on with it, sometimes there is a feeling: hardly the child is twelvethirteen years old, in the house as if there would be other person.

Then they

Julia's mother to have opportunity more often to meet with the friend, asked it to bring the friend and for the daughter.It, of course, extremes, but, nevertheless, similar forms of relationship with teenagers not rarity.For example, often parents complain to the teenager how they are lonely, unfortunate, suppressed as unfairly treat them.Then they cease to carry out the role because parents have to satisfy psychological needs of the child or teenager, and not vice versa.And if there is a change of roles, it does only harm, disturbing natural development of the teenager.

Making observations

Herron.Making observations within two decades, it revealed the following: children who watch TV more, resort to aggression more often, and the more they watch TV, the probability is higher that they will become the aggressive adults capable to commit a crime.When the age of the people participating in its researches came nearer to thirty, doctor Herron visited them again and found out that the data obtained by it earlier were confirmed Certainly, the problem is difficult and it cannot be written off for quantity of telecasts which are watched by the child entirely.


Kolobok.Our purpose the gradual translation of the child from understanding of properties of subjects to their verbal designation.The nervous system of the kid is still not really stable, he is quickly excited and cannot long calm down.Therefore it is better to hold outdoor games at the end of occupation.Being engaged with the child, sensitively listen to his mood never insist on game continuation if the kid was tired, not in mood or if game is not pleasant to it.

As we already

To behave the passive it is aggressive.We need to behave so that not to do harm to anybody.As we already discussed earlier, the passive and aggressive behavior is the worst way to express the irritation.To lose control and to start everything destroying or to swear on somebody badly, but nevertheless it is better, than to behave passive aggressively as to cope with such state easier and easier to prevent it.One more way to express the anger a rage attack.You will swear and shout, that is will direct the irritation not on its source, and on the one who incidentally appeared nearby.


Such support in the previous generation was given by uncles, aunts, grandmothers and grandfathers.Creation of such circle of close people from relatives or good friends will demand a certain planning and entering of serious changes into family life.But the victims will be quite justified.To solve the main thing that you most of all want for your family and who can present to your children love and time.All your attempts to make that, on what you have neither forces, nor opportunities, inevitably lead to an overstrain and take away something from you and your family.

Bob's father

Of course, I wanted to check, whether correctly it depicts a situation, and I invited his parents.Bob's father was extremely quicktempered person.From a threshold he spitefully passed an opinion on awful and unacceptable behavior of Bob.During conversation malignancy and a causticity of his comments all increased.Bob did not answer, but it was obvious, as in him the strong anger hurting to it inflamed.Eventually Bob's mother tried to stand up for the son, having told the husband that recently the behavior of the boy became better and she does not understand why that so is angry.

This very

It is improbable that the child will catch it.But, if it after all occurs, scarlet fever will be shown in a week after infection.Rules of quarantine during scarlet fever in various districts the different.Diphtheria.This very dangerous disease which it is possible to warn.If the child received three injections against diphtheria in the first year of life, additional inoculations in one year and then each years, he is almost guaranteed against this illness.

It drew its attention. In reply

To avoid

Whether between a year and two child can start being afraid of bathing of that mother dropped it in water, or soap got to eyes, or it was frightened by a sound of the water which is sucked in in a bathtub opening.To avoid hit of soap in eyes, the sponge or a rag which you soap the child, has to be damp, but not wet.If he is so frightened that does not want even to get into a bath, do not force him.Try to wash it in a basin.If your oneyearold child does not love when to him wash a face and hands after food, put before him a bowl with water and until it handles laps in water, you a wet hand will wash to it the person.


TRAINING OF THE TEENAGER FOR SPIRITUAL FIGHTS How parents spiritually prepare the teenagers?Organized religious actions of educational character are extremely important for the developing teenager.However nothing has on it such impact as his family and everything that with it is connected.Parents have to take active part in spiritual formation of the teenager, they have no right to subcontract it to somebody to another, even to the most excellent tutors of youth at church.


Before the sociable kid starts pushing away even close relatives, trusting only in mother's hands.Through such attitude towards surrounding people there pass almost all children, this behavior is normal and quickly enough passes.Reaction of fear to stranger is soon replaced by cognitive interest and desire to communicate with it.If the fear of strangers does not pass and it is noted at contact with each stranger, it is necessary to warn adults, including grandmothers and grandfathers that they at a meeting with the child behaved frostily and did not snatch on it in rough delight.

In this

Sometimes one of twins completely depends on another in performance of homeworks.In this case it is more reasonable to separate them.But it is silly and cruel to separate twins if in it there is no need if it becomes as manifestation of the despotic power of parents.If you love one of twins more than another.Conscientious parents excessively worry if a little more attention, than to another or if it is served always the first is paid to one of children for example because it is less more weakly or for other reason.

Let's say you also

For example, your teenager wants to go to a party, but you, having checked everything, consider that he should not go there.Let's say you succeeded in maintenance of emotional balance of your teenager and were always open for conversation with it.Let's assume, you leaned on the confidential relations, establishing for it borders of the legal.Let's say you also resorted to a tightening with the answer, but the problem is not resolved.You feel that have to say no, but you understand that your teenager will not be able simply to accept it.

The child

He will become same, but at it it will take the form of passive aggression.The child will stop being gentle, obedient and benevolent, will not obey, will begin to do everything in defiance, it is bad to study, and can come further away.SILENCE AND SELFELIMINATION Silence and selfelimination inadmissible ways of expression of anger.They can do special harm to matrimonial relationship if with their help hide anger.We can resort to silence and selfelimination if we do not want to admit to ourselves that are angered and also that to leave from a situation, from need directly and structurally to discuss it with other person.


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